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A lab collective dedicated to exploring cross-disciplinary applications of blockchain technology to revolutionize established industry.

The next phase of blockchain will see the technology vastly improve transactional inefficiencies.

Blockchain technology marks a paradigm shift for both the internet and the industries that rely on it. However, as this burgeoning technology continues to mature, there’s still much to done to integrate and consolidate new solutions that bring efficiency and transparency to cumbersome transactional processes. The blockchain ecosystem is still balkanized in a way that hurts further adoption.

The New Technologies Research Lab is dedicated to researching and developing open-source solutions that will foster innovation and advancement by bring user-friendly web and software applications into spaces that have so far been resistant to distributed ledger technology. This will bring increased efficiency and transparency to industries ranging from real estate to securities trading.

Simplify Things

Could your father operate it?

In addition to building trans-disciplinary bridges that will yield innovation, NTRL  aims to make the world of blockchain more intuitive and approachable. Distributed ledger technology will never achieve ubiquity if day-to-day human interactions of its applications aren’t as simple as current solutions. Our cognitive and behavioral  researchers, as well as UX specialists, aim to craft ease and simplicity.

Gifting The Blockchain

Part of NTRL’s mission to improve transactional efficiencies, transparency and security is providing a smart contractual basis for gift cards and consumer rewards. If implemented in a user-friendly and technically viable fashion, blockchain issued digital gift cards will lower costs, reduce fraud, and provide merchants and brands with new marketing opportunities. These dollar denominated digital gift cards are powered by the Internet and open protocols, and the experience of using one will be familiar to anyone who has paid for something with a smart phone.

Areas of focus for research and development.


Transaction Speed

Discovering new approaches to increase transactions-per-second at scale.


Conducting research to optimize usability of emerging ledger-based apps.

Integrating Solutions

At NTRL we look to make open source codebase, data and information more open.

Mobile Blockchain

We also look to bring distributed ledger technology further into the mobile space.

Artificial Intelligence

Also known as “Machine Intelligence”, Artificial Intelligence is now fundamental in the field of technology. Artificial Intelligence can be applied and exercised when the machine tends to display cognitive functions in such a ways of human would. With machines being capable in the fields ranging from healthcare to art, AI will bring an innovative change in an individuals lives.

Building Trust Through Blockchain Technology

The transparency afforded by Blockchain has the potential to transform not only the financial space. NTRL has begun dedicating resources to researching crucial civic applications tied to voting and polling that will help foster more trust at a time when people have grown increasingly skeptical, yet more motivated than ever.

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